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NOIW meeting held at Nagpur on 5th and 6th August 2019 decided to celebrate the centenary birth anniversary of Late Shradheya Dattopant Thengdiji, A guide and philosopher for T. U. movement commencing from 10th Nov. 2019 to 10th Nov. 2020 and decided to Conduct various programs at organisational levels.


The Views, Contents, Options and Publishing on this Site made as regards various circulars, Interpretation, Policies and Information about Industry, Institution and / or Government Administration, such other segments and forums are merely for the broader reviews only for detailed Clarification, doubt or queries, Original Communication and Directives of Corporation, Administration etc. Shall only be referred and deemed as Final, which please note.

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NOIW believes that the interest of the employees, interest of the industry and the interest of the society should go hand in hand and are complimentary to each other.


A grand organization working selflessly and tirelessly for the betterment of Insurance employees and industry keeping in mind the interests of the policy holders in general and nation in particular.


An organization has to live the purpose for which it was borne.It should breath the mission its founders envisaged. It should walk towards reaching the goal it has set for itself.

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My Congratulations and Best Wishes to all Central Committee members meeting at Nagpur on the eve of celebrating 50th Foundation Day of National Organisation of Insurance workers.

Founder President of NOIW.